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Remote Control System For Existing Switch Board FAQs



1. Are the products suitable for any kind of switchboard?

You can install our receiver in 6M,8M,10M,12M,16M Plates easily. Easy to install in Old/New any switchboard.

2. Where are the Remote Control System For Existing Switch Board manufactured?

All these Remote Control System For Existing Switch Board are manufactured and quality-checked in India.


B. Functions

1. Can lights & fans operate using switchboard after installed this system ?

Yes, we designed this system as per that. When Switches are OFF you can use Remote Control & When Remote Systems all outputs are OFF you can use normal Switches to On/Off Lights & Fan.

2. What types of batteries can I use for Remote?

You must use normal AAA ALKALINE batteries. Over discharged or faulty batteries may cause leakage. Check the batteries and its compartment for any leakages every 3 to 4 months as damages due to battery leakages will not be recovered by warranty.

3. How do I know when to replace the batteries?

The indicating lamp (LED) will blink low so you can change the battery.

4. Blue & White LED on Remote Means ?
We have 2 Different Frequency in Remote.
Normally used White LED for 4+1 & 8+2.
If any customer wants more outputs like 12+3 or 16+4,they can press R1-R2 button and change Frequency.


5. Scene Control Means in Remote ?

On Single button you can choose your desired function.
Scene1 -> 2 Lights & Fan at Speed 2
Scene 2 -> 4 Lights & Fan at Speed 4
Scene 3 -> 1 Light & Fan Off
Scene 4 -> 3 Lights & Fan at Speed 3
Upto 8 Scenes can be set as per user requirement.


6. How to RESET Remote?

Remove batteries for 30 mins & Reinsert again.
Remote will Reset automatically.


7. What is All On/Off button on Remote ?

Using All ON button you can Turn ON all devices.
By Pressing All OFF button you can Turn OFF all devices.

8. If I need any maintenance, who shall I contact?

Please feel free to contact us at +91-9426272823 or visit us at:

Plot no - 1548/1,
Sector 3 D,