IR Blaster

With Alexa/Google Home Voice Command Skills & Mobile App control

What is an ‘IR Blaster’?

“IR Blaster” is a universal remote that helps you replace your traditional remotes.

Install Escozor’s smart remote module in your office or home and gain autonomous control over devices like,

✔ AC
✔ TV
✔ Set top box
✔ RGB Mood Light
✔ Music system etc
✔ DVD Player

✔ Lights & Fan(Escozor Remote Required)

✔ Curtain (Escozor Touch Switch Required)

IR Blaster will connect to wifi. Also, you can do scheduling means you can put ON/OFF Timmer. Also, work when internet not there In the same network you can use Mobile App.

All applications are used remotely and voice commands.

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Costom Scene

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Learn Remote

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Pre-defined Remote

Control Any Appliances With Single Remote


All In One Remote For Smart Home

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Technical Specification

Brand :                            Escozor

Connectivity :                  Wireless

Frequency :                     2.4 GHz

Model Name/Number :     IR Blaster

Input Voltage :                 230 V AC

Usage/Application :         Home Automation

Max. Voltage :                 230 V AC

Number Of Switches :      NO

Warranty :                        6 Months

Power Source :                230 V AC

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