Smart Motion Sensor Bulb

Product Details:

Brand: Escozor

Model Name/Number: MSB01

Usage/Application: Home

Wattage: 10 Watt

Base Type: B22

Working Temperature: Regular

FeaturesMotion Sensor detection: 15 ft

Lighting Type: LED

Shape: Round

Power Consumption: 6 W - 10 W

Lighting Color: Cool Daylight

Body Material: Plastic

Warranty: 1 year

Input Voltage: 230 v AC

Operating Voltage: 230 v AC

Motion Sensor Bulb with Auto off in 1 minute if No motion detectAuto Off in Day time

SMART MOTION SENSOR: The motion detector works like a small electronic eyes that detect infrared waves—heat waves that radiate from moving objects. When the detector senses an object moving across its field of view—especially warmer objects such as people, animals and cars—it electronically turns on the lights.

Modern Living Room

Smart Motion Bulb

Motion Sensor | Automatic On/Off | For Porch / Hallway / Stairs / Garage

About this item


Escozor Motion Sensor Bulb 10W, (Cool White)

Your life is too busy, Do you forgot to bend the light every time? NOW IT'S TIME TO FORGOT THE SWITCHES it’s more sensitive and more penetrating than infrared sensors.

Feature of the Escozor Smart Motion Sensor Bulb:

1) Auto on/Off Night Lights on the detection of the human body
2) Remains OFF on the Day Time.
3) Energy-Saving Bulb.
4) If the body is out of sensor range, it's gone auto OFF after 1 min.
5) Detect motion within range 15-20ft
6) Install height 9-17ft.

➡️ New Feature

- Smart Motiin Sensor
- Energy Saving
- Good Performance
- Durable & Reliable

How it works?

✓ It's work on motion sensor
✓ The LED light bulb turns on automatically once movement detect within 15 ft.
✓ The LED bulb turn off when no movement detect.
✓ Do not Light in Daytime
🤔 Where to use?

The 10W sensor bulb is suitable to be installed in the Stairs, Garage, Corridor, Balcony, Entry, Walkway, Yard, Hallway, Hallway, Basement, Garage, Carport bedroom, restroom, entrance...

Be efficient,
Be energy savers
Be green!
Be Smart & Be Escozor
Use #Escozor Smart Motion Sensor Bulb to save money and our earth by saving energy!